My studio is in the center of Athens on a street named after one of the most famous ancient Greek artists of the 4th century BC. A coincidence? Perhaps not. Indeed, it “hides” many artists. I have encountered many of them with studios here: photographers, painters, sculptors . . . but there are also bars, cafes, and shops that sell art supplies. It is a lively street, just like the city of Athens that it calls home. This street is always moving: sometimes slowly, sometimes frenetically, but it is so alive and so inspiring. My studio is in a building from the ’30s. All of the tenants are artists, creating relentlessly. When the time comes for a break, we go next door to have a coffee, take a sneak peek at the progress of our neighbor’s work, to share an idea, or to ask for a tool that might be needed. The next time you walk down this street, stop for a moment, raise your eyes, and you will see a window behind which there is surely an artist working . . .

(Photos by Amina Kortbi) 

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